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Dublin Travel Guide - Ireland's capital city, Dublin is at the centre of the wonderful arc of Dublin Bay on the shores of the Irish Sea. Dublin is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe and each year welcomes many thousands of tourist to its streets. In recent years many areas have been rejuvenated and renovated, historic buildings and landmarks have been exquisitely restored, many hotels have been built and the shopping scene is huge and there are many restaurants, clubs and bars to provide everything visitors want. There are several tourist offices situated in Dublin that offer up-to-date information about tourist attractions and events and will answer any questions. You can also watch some Dublin travel videos here.

Dublin is the major entry point for visitors to Ireland. The city is large compared to the size of the country and the River Liffey runs through the centre cutting the city into North side and South side. There are nine bridges crossing the Liffey including two pedestrian spans. Dublin city centre is compact and easily lends to strolling around on foot as many of the major sights are in this central part between the two canals. From cathedrals, monasteries, the birthplace of writers, wonderful Georgian buildings and squares, more modern buildings, the egnimatic Dublin Spire and so on so there is a lot to see in Dublin.

Just outside Dublin in the adjoining counties there is also much to see and you might like to take a trip out to the wonderful mountains that circle Dublin or down to the Wicklow to the Wicklow mountains where you can enjoy lovely nature walks and hikes along the Wicklow Way. Or you might want to make a trip to the Hill of Tara, the site of one of the most ancient civilizations in Europe.

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Dublin Bay hosts many suburban areas such as Malahide in the north of the county and Dun Laoghaire in the south - both have extensive yachting marinas, yacht racing and other water sports. Dun Laoghaire is also a major ferry port along with Dublin Port itself.

The Nightlife in Dublin is legendary - from the chat in pubs and bars to the hectic nightlife in Temple Bar district, the heady nightclubs dotted around the city, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Many of the visitors to Dublin are young, young vibrant people who come for the clubbing scene and add their own dimension to the nightlife of the city. One interesting feature of the drinking life in Dublin is that nowadays, all restaurants, cafes, pubs - all public places, are smoke free - and no smoking at all is allowed.

Of course there is also the famous theatre scene - and remember Dublin has nurtured more Nobel Literature Prize winners than any other city in the world. The city of Dublin is over 1000 years in growing and is a wonderous caldron of history, gracious buildings and new vibrant living.

There is a wide range of accommodation available in Dublin and recent years the growth in the tourist industry has led to an upgrading and greater availability of places to stay. Accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets is available. You can book into a luxurious Dublin Hotel or choose an inexpensive and friendly bed and breakfast or boutique hote. Self-catering accommodation is also there for those making longer visits. Hotels and Guesthouses have a star system regulated by the Irish Tourist Board and the Irish Hotels Federation. So with this range of choice, you need to do some research to find what you’d like in terms of accommodation. The pages on Hotels on this site may help you find your choice. Ireland's community for seniors and everyone over 50 looking for love, romance and new friends.

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